Monday, December 12, 2011

The piping shows a lot of wear is disclosed. When the piping is broken extensively throughout the bag it should be disclosed as such. This takes "a lot of wear" into another category.

Description Disclosed this but could not have imagined how extensive this repair was and how extensive the repair is!

Major tear that is Not disclosed in description.

Strap looks BURNED! Dried in a dryer?

Yes lots of wear but More than a bit cracked. This crumbles in my hands whenever I pick the bag up!

The extensive leather cracking was not noted on the listing. The leather is hard and not supple, like a vintage Coach. 
With such cracking, dryness and black with cracking on the strap It looks as if someone washed the purse and the tried to dry it in a dryer! Ouch!

More than a few watermarks - this one on the bag takes up 1/3 of the back of the bag!

More cracking on the leather surface which was not disclosed

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