Thursday, April 5, 2012

Like the Stewardess Bag

Measures 11" length, 8" height, 4.25" deep.
Strap drop approx 16 - 20"
Reminds me of the Stewardess Bag. Has the United Airlines emblem on the end of the strap.

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  1. Hi, Just happened to see your blog and enjoy it very much. I. too am an avid collector of handbags and have vintage Coach from the early sixties on.

    This bag is an actual regulation model Stewardess bag. Coach these for some of the airlines and this one is a very rare model indeed. As you pointed out, it has the window on the front pocket which made it easier for the "stewardess" to show her credentials. All she had to do was lift the flap.

    I hope you still have this Stewardess as those are extremely hard to find today and very, very expensive. I have two of these.

    Here's a link to my album. There are a lot of vintage Coach in there and I am still adding more from my collection to it.

    I truly enjoy your blog.