Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bag in poor condition

Description said, "Vintage Coach shoulder bag in very good used condition, .... shows very little wear.."
Neither the pictures nor the description shows the poor condition of the bag.
Please note my description and pictures which show the true condition of the bag.

The bag has 8 tears in the piping. The one on the flap right hand side is 3 inches long!
Break 2: lower right corner of flap (I inch)
Break 3: lower left corner of flap ((1/2 inch)
Break 4: puncture break left side at beginning of flap
Break 5: puncture break right side at beginning of flap
Break 6: lower front right corner (1/2 inch)
Break 7: gash and break lower back left corner (1 inch)
Break 8: gash and break lower right corner (1 inch)
Normally I'd try to fix small breaks in leather piping but at least three of these breaks are significant gashes that are not fixable.

Besides the breaks the bag has white wax residue that is flaking off. Wax like this is next to impossible to remove.

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